Term 2 Celebrations
Sun, 27th Oct 2019 - Wed, 18th Dec 2019

Our term's topic is Term 2 Celebrations

This term the children will be hearing numbers by counting from 1 -5 then 1 – 10 and learning correspondence by using our fingers to record amounts.  We will also be learning new number songs about rockets for Bonfire Night such as “5 Big Rockets Standing in a Row”. 

We will be learning the “Days of the Week” song and monitoring the weather each day. Parents are asked to discuss the weather with their child and introducing them to new words and experiences. to continue their learning at home.

The children will be introduced to rhythm in words, which forms part of our pre-phonics learning.  They will be using musical instruments to play to different genres of music and understanding the different beat of each word will aid in pre-reading skills .

It’s Road Safety Week between the 18th – 22nd November, so we will be learning about keeping safe on our roads.  We will enforce the teaching of holding hands with an adult to keep safe; and understand the look, listen and look again technique.  To implement these practices, we will be crossing the road in small groups.  The children will all get a certificate for participating.  We will set up a parking garage outside and encourage the children to role play with the traffic equipment.

This term is a very busy one and we have a lot of celebrations to observe. The children will join in and celebrate Fireworks Night by painting a night scene for our display, Pumpkin prints for Halloween, modelling and painting lamps for Diwali, St Andrew’s Day Flags, remembrance Day and Christmas.  We will be fundraising for Children in Need on Friday 15th November by dressing up.

The children will be getting ready for the Christmas Nativity.  They will be practicing ‘acting out’ the story and singing many songs.  A copy of the words will be sent home to help the children learn the songs for our play.  Craft will offer many areas of learning, as the Children will be cutting, gluing, and decorating for our display.

The Christmas Nativity will take place on Tuesday 10th December and Wednesday 11th December.  Our Christmas Party is on the 16th December, where the children will be entertained by Dizzy Lolly and a certain man in a big red suit will be visiting us too.

We will be breaking up on Wednesday 18th December and returning to Term 3 on Monday 6th January 2020.

Term 1 “WELCOME”
Tue, 3rd Sep 2019 - Wed, 16th Oct 2019

Our term's topic is Term 1 “WELCOME”

We would like to welcome those children returning to us, as well as the new children and their families.  Our aim is to get to know you and to support your child’s progress through the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), where they will work towards their own individual Early Learning Goals.  Your child’s Key Person will gradually introduce our daily routine and encourage them to learn the staff and their Peers names.  All the staff will help your child to make friends and find a sense of belonging within our group.  We will be role modelling and praising the sharing of toys; turn taking and being kind towards others.  We encourage the children to be polite and listen to others during playtimes as well as in group situations.

During the term the children will be singing familiar nursery rhymes from our song bag selection.  If your child has a favourite song, please let us know and we can include it during our singing times.

The children will be painting and glueing, playing musical instruments, singing number rhymes and positional songs as well as playing with a range of outdoor equipment.

All children are different, so please don’t worry if your child does not join in at first, they will when they are ready.

Please share any photographs, drawings from home or details of family occasions with us.  We will display them on our Sharing Board.  The children love to show them to their peers and chat about them at sharing times.

We embrace working in partnership with our children’s parents and carers.  We always operate an open door policy and would encourage you to chat to your Keyperson or any member of our outstanding team, if you have any worries or concerns throughout your child’s time with us.