Term 1 “WELCOME”
Wed, 2nd Sep 2020 - Wed, 16th Oct 2019

Our term's topic is Term 1 “WELCOME”

We would like to welcome those children returning to us, as well as the new children and their families.  Our aim is to get to know you and to support your child’s progress through the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), where they will work towards their own individual Early Learning Goals.  Your child’s Key Person will gradually introduce our daily routine and encourage them to learn the staff and their peers names.  All the staff will help your child to make friends and find a sense of belonging within our group.  We will be role modelling and praising the turn taking and being kind towards others.  We encourage the children to be polite and listen to others during playtimes as well as in group situations.

During the term the children will be singing familiar nursery rhymes from our song bag selection.  If your child has a favourite song, please let us know and we can include it during our singing times.

The children will be painting and gluing (using mediums from their own zip lock back of items), playing musical instruments, singing number rhymes and positional songs as well as playing with a range of outdoor equipment. All equipment and toys will be cleaned throughout the session and again at the end of the day. We will be reinforcing the learning and practice of good hygiene habits, ensuring the children wash their hands frequently including just before leaving to come home

All children are different, so please don’t worry if your child does not join in at first, they will when they are ready.

Please share any photographs, drawings from home or details of family occasions with us.  We will display them on our Sharing Board.  The children love to show them to their peers and chat about them at sharing times.

We embrace working in partnership with our children’s parents and carers. Due to Covid-19 our normal open door policy will not be in operation. Parents will not be permitted on site without permission from a senior member of the Owl Preschool Team, but please be assured if you have any worries or concerns please call the pre-school or send a message on tapestry or via email and a member of staff will be able to assist you.