Children in need
Wed, 20th Nov 2019

Thank you to everyone who made a donation to Children in need.  We raised £42.41 which will be donated to the charity.

What’s coming up in Term 2
Sun, 27th Oct 2019

This term the children will be hearing numbers by counting from 1 -5 then 1 – 10 and learning correspondence by using our fingers to record amounts.  We will also be learning new number songs about rockets for Bonfire Night such as “5 Big Rockets Standing in a Row”. 

We will be learning the “Days of the Week” song and monitoring the weather each day. Parents are asked to discuss the weather with their child and introducing them to new words and experiences. to continue their learning at home.

The children will be introduced to rhythm in words, which forms part of our pre-phonics learning.  They will be using musical instruments to play to different genres of music and understanding the different beat of each word will aid in pre-reading skills .

It’s Road Safety Week between the 18th – 22nd November, so we will be learning about keeping safe on our roads.  We will enforce the teaching of holding hands with an adult to keep safe; and understand the look, listen and look again technique.  To implement these practices, we will be crossing the road in small groups.  The children will all get a certificate for participating.  We will set up a parking garage outside and encourage the children to role play with the traffic equipment.

This term is a very busy one and we have a lot of celebrations to observe. The children will join in and celebrate Fireworks Night by painting a night scene for our display, Pumpkin prints for Halloween, modelling and painting lamps for Diwali, St Andrew’s Day Flags, remembrance Day and Christmas.  We will be fundraising for Children in Need on Friday 15th November by dressing up.

The children will be getting ready for the Christmas Nativity.  They will be practicing ‘acting out’ the story and singing many songs.  A copy of the words will be sent home to help the children learn the songs for our play.  Craft will offer many areas of learning, as the Children will be cutting, gluing, and decorating for our display.

The Christmas Nativity will take place on Tuesday 10th December and Wednesday 11th December.  Our Christmas Party is on the 16th December, where the children will be entertained by Dizzy Lolly and a certain man in a big red suit will be visiting us too.

We will be breaking up on Wednesday 18th December and returning to Term 3 on Monday 6th January 2020.

Welcome to the Owl Family
Sun, 1st Sep 2019

Welcome to the Owl Pre-School.  We hope you had an enjoyable summer break.  We are looking forward to getting to know (and welcoming back) our new and returning children and their families.  We hope your time with us will be happy and rewarding.

To help make your child’s introduction to Pre-School go smoothly, here are a few reminders:-
• Please dress your child appropriately for the weather during their time at Pre-School, (i.e. sun hats and sun cream or coats and wellies) as we do go outside every day unless the weather is really awful. We also regularly allow the children to explore messy materials such as paint, glue, mud and water so therefore please dress your child in clothes which you will not mind getting dirty.  For children’s safety jewellery is not allowed to be worn at pre-school.

• Please label your child’s clothes (especially coats) and personal possessions with their name so that staff and children don’t get muddled up.

• We understand that even children who have been toilet-trained for a while can have an accident from time to time and therefore we have a stock of spare clothing.

• We have limited space on our coat pegs and so bags really aren’t necessary - unless your child is being picked up by someone else and needs to have a packed lunch etc.

• If your child is unwell, please keep them off from Pre-School during this time and also for 48 hours after their last episode of illness (particularly if your child has been vomiting or suffering from diarrhoea). This is to ensure that the illness is not spread to the other children and staff - and also to make sure that your child recovers fully.  Please do not forget to telephone or email us to explain why your child is absent.  This is a requirement of your entitlement to free
nursery education.

• Parking is very busy around the three schools, so please remember to park carefully and considerately, avoiding the yellow lines.  Perhaps you could park a little way from the school and let the children benefit from a relaxing walk to and from Pre-School.

• The Owl Pre-School gate is in Packham Road to the right of the Infant School vehicle gate and opens at 8.30am – 9.00am and 3.10pm – 3.45pm.  If you are collecting your child from a morning session, the gate will be opened by a member of staff from 11.35am. who will wait there until you leave.  For those of you whose children attend afternoon sessions, the gate will be opened at 12.25pm. by a member of staff who will also wait there until you leave the site.

• At lunchtimes, when collecting from our morning sessions or bringing children to our afternoon sessions, please walk along the gravel path leading to the pre-school at the side of the Junior playground.  We realise that it can be difficult with buggies, but please do try.

• If you have older children in the Infant and Junior Schools, please do not try to communicate with them in any way if you see them in the playground, as mid-day supervisory staff from the schools have no way of knowing people who are permitted on site from those who are unauthorized.

• Remember to inform the Pre-School if someone different (from the person who brought them) will be collecting your child.  We still get some puzzled looks from unfamiliar Mums or Dads, Grandparents, friends or neighbours when we query who they are. It is Pre-School policy that if we have not been informed of the name of the person collecting your child, then the child will not be allowed to leave the Pre-School until the Parent/Carer or Emergency Contact person has been contacted.

• Finally, please please also remember to inform the pre-school of any changes to your address, telephone numbers, emergency contacts or email address etc.

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